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Products we offer

We have qualified and experience technical staffs to provide the right solution package information,  Wether it is just a repair or a complete solution, all our customers are treated with the same fixed pricing system which will make an individual or a cooperate customer with a same scale of pricing. If you are new or existing customer the costs is calculated per item basis, depending on the age and usage of the hardware, or Software. Availability of our service depends on SLA agreement for contract customers, For individuals the per repair we will inform the expected maintenance time and parts plus labour.

IT solutions, Communication or Security solutions

Computer repairs and IT maintenance costs of the company is playing a major part in Project planing and budget, Also excessive cost towards training staffs, printing, paper cost, toner, energy cost are the main burden

towards the budgeting process. We can provide the cheapest options available for you.

With our experience on maintenance, and repairs, costs we quote will be manageable to you. No hidden charges involved and you will be informed  in advance of any cost you may face, and options to reduce or alternative solution suggestion are given.

Computer, Laptop, Printer Repairs